On Doomed Programming Languages

Early this week a colleague shared with me an article on programming languages that will be doomed. Having Talent Solutions as one of the navigation links is itself a red flag - an indicator that it comes from a human resource perspective.

On the tech front, programming languages are never doomed. In fact, coding in another language - no matter how obscure the language may be - helps one to become a better programmer in the long run. We should not be dismissing Ruby because of Javascript’s popularity in web development. We should also not dismiss R because of Python’s prevalence in data analysis. The reality is that tucked away somewhere is legacy code is written in the apparent doomed language. Rebuilding from scratch would be a very painful endeavour, so sticking to what we would be beneficial in the short run. Further, most programming is done on existing systems, a point which the average user tend not to know.

Articles like these should always be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when it’s coming from a pure recruitment perspective. Unless the recruiter is the manager with techncial expertise, this should just be seen as fear-mongering.