Jianhao Tan has been criticised for producing YouTube videos with the same format - listicle-style with performers wearing school uniforms. He is still undoubtedly, at this time of writing, a powerhouse with millions of subscribers.

Love it or hate it, it is reflective of local tastes. Haters can attribute his popularity to how he "hacked" Youtube's algorithm, or how shallow the population is. To begin with, our population isn't huge, and you have to give him props for figuring out what the audience wants.

The channels that have appeared on my YouTube feed are YEOLO and Sneaki Sushii. They ususually take potshots at the local trend of the day, what's trending on TikTok or a popular show on Netflix. I guess YouTube has figured out that I love my staple of movies and music review videos from channels like JoBlo and honest. Jianhao Tan is therefore, out of my reach - at least on YouTube's personalized feed.

In my opinion, YEOLO and Sneaki Sushii appeal to a very specific segment locally. Does this mean that people who don't agree to my preferences are shallow? Definitely not. It only shows that our YouTube scene is constraint by the preferences of our small island. The online landscape is able to accomodate above and beyond our personal preferences, and all we have to do is to be aware of the bubble that we're living in.