Jaded St. Valentines

Jaded St. Valentines

On a typical Valentines Day in Singapore., couples are everywhere in tender-loving bliss. It makes one wonder what happens throughout the rest of the year, and that the genuine side to a relationship is any other day except the 14th of February.

Here’s to a jaded Valentines day, and to some awkward encounters.

When a girl waves at you, and you walk towards her, realizing that she’s only waving away a fly.

This happened on the way to the gym. Because SMU is a small community, and yours truly is slightly myopic, the thought of getting a wink and a nod from a chick across the corridor comes to mind. That suggestive gesture is indeed met by dissapointment when you realize she is, firstly - a stranger, secondly - someone too young for your liking, and thirdly - she finds your fly less attractive than an insect.

When a hot chick sits next to you on the bus, and you are checking her out, then she speaks to the older guy in front of her and like, “Yea, I’m already a month preggers.

A pinoy girl was out with a young Singaporean chinese man and his mother. Yours truly thought she was a maid, when you realize she is actually his lover. They casually spoke of the oncoming baby, when you start to feel fortunate because knocking up isn’t like what is made out to be in the movies.

When you walk past a couple at Suntec City, and the girl is clutching on to a bouquet of roses, when you realize the guy was in the company of ATBs at Dynasty KTV.

As much as this is a statement made in jest, there is also an overarching envy behind it as well. There is a whole bundle of bliss in her holding that bouquet of roses, and him walking nonchalantly taking for-granted that said love, even for the tiniest moment, is eternity. Him dressing up like Justin Timberlake reminded me of the sleazy Gentlemen clubs that are not mentioned in YourSingapore™, but in SBF.

Maybe next Valentines Day will be just as awkward, who knows? May the cupid arrows of commercialism always land on any other except myself.