Brennan Neoh was born in the early morning of Wednesday 22nd April 1987 at the National University Hospital in Singapore. He grew up in the western corridor of the island city-state, living in government-built apartments with his parents, sister and an assortment of pets (mostly chihuahuas, and one chinchilla).


He graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelors of Information Systems Management (ISM). During his undergraduate course, he represented the university in dragonboat races with the university team. In his final year, he interned with AyurVAID Hospitals in Bangalore. Following which he became an international exchange student at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


When the travel bug caught on, he never looked back since. The trip to India and Kazakhstan was later followed by an adventure through Turkey, Vietnam and Laos - just to name a few - with more to come in future. He prefers to travel overland as it is challenging to plan the routes, but rewarding with breathtaking sceneries.


When he is not globetrotting, you may usually find him commuting on the buses and trains to work on an average weekday in Singapore. He enjoys starting his day with a hot cup of coffee and having another right after lunch. You would probably find him in the gym in the evening, followed by a sumptuous dinner. Finally, he will commute home to prepare for a brand new work day, and the whole cycle is repeated until Friday.